Kingston Wheelers Forum

Welcome to Kingston Wheelers Cycling Club forum. Kingston Wheelers Cycling club is one of the largest cycling clubs in the region and has a rich history spanning back to 1924. For more on the club please visit our Website. Here you will be able to read about the club and how to get involved.


In the past when Kingston Wheelers was a much smaller cycling club and cycling was more of a minority sport, the club used to allow non-members to use the forum. Due to the explosion in popularity of the sport and the amount of requests we get for our club forum we have now decided to remove all non-members and make this facility available to our club members only. If you require any information regarding the club please look at the Website or for more specific information contact us via the Website.


Your usual login should give you access to the forum, if your membership has expired then your rights to the forum will also cease after the grace period defined in the Club Rules. If you are a current members and have forgotten your login or require one please email/contact the club who will give you an account after checking you are a current member of Kingston Wheelers.